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Expertly formulated for dialysis patients, Renaltine offers a plant-based high-protein formulation fortified with essential nutrients and vitamins.  

Renaltine provides a comprehensive nourishment solution to support your dialysis journey.

Unlock a renewed sense of vitality and choose Renaltine, the trusted choice for those seeking exceptional nutritional support for dialysis.

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Renaltine is a plant-based nutritional supplement designed specifically for dialysis patients. It's also glucose-free and lactose-free.

High-Protein and High-Energy

Each serving of Renaltine provides 15 grams of high-biologic value protein and 150 kcal of energy.


Renaltine provides key vitamins and minerals fortified to meet the special nutritional needs of dialysis patients such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, ascorbic acid, and Quatrefolic, the active form of folic acid.

Take care of your loved ones on dialysis with

Dialysis patients often face challenges in obtaining adequate nutrition due to dietary restrictions and the demands of their treatment. Renaltine steps in as a reliable solution, delivering a powerful blend of plant-based ingredients carefully selected to provide optimal nutrition.

Renaltine aids in supporting important bodily functions, such as muscle maintenance, immune system function, and tissue repair. The optimal nutritional profile of Renaltine assists in maintaining the body's health during the dialysis journey.

Renaltine contains 150 kcal of energy and 15g of protein per serving making it an ideal beverage for delivering key nutrients to patients on renal replacement therapy.